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Right! Some people left and we still have vacant slots open, so you could say that this is a re-opening in spirit. Many of us are wondering where our plots are going to take us now and the answer is going to come from our new members. I'm excited to get a move on and see all the new characters coming.

As for the old members (and maybe new too), be aware of some of the recent changes. You should check these threads out: 1 and 2.

I've gotten rid of the plot pages. If you want to view your old plot page, you can check out the archives. What we have now is a general plot board. Throw your thread or start lookin' for em. Don't be shy on using the cbox either. Make Katya's money worth it.

Also, you can now rate topics. Spread da love and don't forget to shamelessly love your own.

And if you have a finished thread, add [c] at the start of the title of your thread to win your prize.
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