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With a wide happy smile adorning her too-perfect face, Innesviel turned around towards her Servant, her arms wide open as if wanting to embrace the world.

“Waah I haven’t seen this city in its entirety before! Isnt’t this view quite beautiful, Silencer?”

Behind her was the whole landscape of Taixuan, spreading like a colorful carpet all the way into the mountainside beyond. They were standing on the rooftop of one the highest building in Taixuan, the newly opened Mei Yue hotel, and from here Innes and Silencer could see all of Tixuan as far as the great Mingwu Lake, its waterfall shining shyly like a silver-fingered lady. The sun was setting at that time, its subdued glow enveloping the unsuspecting people of Taixuan happily bustling around to finish their day. There were no concern nor anxiety drawn on those faces, relieved as they were that the day was coming to an end. They knew not that just last night before 99 people had lost their lives in a single night, and that in their familiar town Taixuan a great drama was about to unfold.

But the two people standing alone on the rooftop knew this, and the gravity behind the silver child’s cheerful eyes was a reminder of just how turbulent her mind was.

It had not been twenty-four hours since Assassin was summoned in a field splattered by blood and internal organs of some of the best of Mage’s Association’s Hunters. The child was there, her Master, and what she was doing there facing a murderous Servant would still a mystery to Assassin until now. They had not talked much. No sooner than they escaped from the compounds that the girl –Innesviel as she told Assassin, no “Master” in front –notified Mage’s Association at once and then spent the whole night contacting various people and exchanging message through various means. Some of the words that might had caught Assassin’s attention might be “Tier” and “Greater Grail” and “Rin Tohsaka”. Then, Innes continued the morning with visiting various places and several people, and it wasn’t until this sunset when they went up this building did Innes finally spoke to her Servant again after that night.

And before, all she said was just a simple, “Thank you for coming”.

Striding across to the other side, Innesviel skipped on her steps and smiled as she passed Assassin. She was visibly elated by this view of this unique city she had never cared before, although for what reason Assassin might need to guess.

“Oh, I can see Xishi district there! There really are many funny buildings. We should visit them sometime, Silencer! And the lake! Look from here! That lake with waterfall is soo pretty, isn’t it? In the local legend it was named… um… It was named…. I forgot the name! “

She held her head with both hands and shook it in such an endearing way that one might think she had forgotten the answer to a simple arithmetic question. Seeing her like this, she was almost seemed like a simple upbeat girl, there enjoying the scenery in her family trip to a foreign land. If she had grieved for the loss of her comrades the night before, she did not show it. And if she was feeling nervous or unsure or anxious to get her revenge there were no indications of them either. Simply a wide grin and an exultant look as her eyes darted from one scenery to the next.

But In truth, she was excited not because of the place itself, but because this place would, at last, be her grandest battlefield yet. She turned to stare directly at Assassin.

“So, what do you think, Silencer? Is there any place we should visit now? You are of Silencer class, so we need to make the best of it to win the war! Right?”

Blunt. And although she was smiling dazzlingly as she said those words, the initial illusion was lost. All the time, all Innesviel von Einzbern ever thought was about the Holy Grail War.

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Post by Hawwah on Aug 21, 2014 23:54:41 GMT

Hawwah stood near her Master in a crouched position, like an animal poised to dart away the second it spotted a threat. This was really just a natural tendency of hers, yet another thing that spoke to the primitive aspect of her nature. It also had the practical benefit of putting her closer to eye level with her Master, but she wasn't so certain that was a good thing.

A child. Her Master was a child. She'd been granted nearly a full day to dwell on that fact, and not one ounce of the cruel irony contained within it had diminished. She still did not understand who in their right mind would send a child into a War such as this, and she didn't dare ask. Rather, like so many of her problems that could not be handled with the point of a knife, she chose to ignore it, distracting herself if only momentarily with the view of the city that was to become a battlefield.

The city was strange to her, to say the least. In her time, the largest permanent settlements usually consisted of a few dozen individuals in tents. It was a great contrast to the sprawling sight before her, and from the information the Grail provided this was not even one of the largest cities in the world currently. If she was the sort to give out her personal opinion, she would have said she liked the feel of the less modern looking districts in comparison to the urban location they were in now.It seemed far more comfortable than the cramped and dark streets below.

Her Master spoke to her directly, breaking her from this train of thought. Here at least Hawwah could take some solace. Whatever else she was, Innesviel was focused on the goal that lay before them: obtaining the Holy Grail. If that was what she kept in the forefront of her mind, perhaps the Assassin would be able to endure her otherwise problematic Master.

"You have the greater knowledge of the area, it would be wisest to follow your direction in this matter."

Yes it was good to have a Master with an understanding of the Holy Grail War. At least, an understanding of most of it.

"...my class is Assassin, Master. Not Silencer."

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Post by Innesviel von Einzbern on Aug 22, 2014 14:07:09 GMT

Innes’ arms flailed impatiently. “Yes, I know,” she said, puffing her cheek. Her eyes a sparkling ruby. “We are one of the creators of Holy Grail so of cooouuurse I know your class is Assassin.”

And in a light but vindictive gesture, she pointed her small finger at Assassin whilst smiling beautifully. “But starting now, you will be called Silencer! Because, mmm…, because I don’t want to call you Assassin! Is it alright, Silencer? It is? Thank you!”

Without waiting for Assassin's response, Innes took the edges of her mantle and confidently swept a graceful curtsy. Assassin had to cope with her Master’s straightforwardness from now on.

With a whirl of her silver hairs, she turned around towards the city again, her back facing Assassin. When she began to speak, her voice was still as airy as before, and still overflowing with innocent confidence. Whatever it was that she was saying, Assassin would know that she meant it “as is”, without hidden meaning or attachment or any sprinkles of resentment.

In a way, Innesviel could be one of the most honest being Assassin had known. Even God like to keep the meaning of The Words somewhat obscure.

“But you didn’t answer my question,Silencer! I don’t really know how Silencer class act, but it has lots of hiding and ambushes, right?” She waved a hand at the city landscape. “So if you need to hide, we need to see these places before so you know where to hide! There will be... thirteen enemies. Thirteen! And if we can find the best place to surprise them all we will win for sure!”

Her smile was absolutely confident. For now, the phrase “thirteen enemies” might sounded insignificant to Assassin. But as the war dragged on, there would come the realization for Hawwah later as to what “thirteen enemies” meant. And the meaning was, if one looked back at this day, truly fit for an Einzbern’s way of thinking.

Because Innesviel viewed Yggddmillennia Servants as enemies and Association’s Servants as tools at best and another enemies at worst. She was single-minded in her pursuit of The Grail, and deeply believing that the one most fitting to reclaim the Grail would be its original creator, The Einzberns. No friends or enemies could alter this fact.

And Assassin, would just be another instrument in The Greater Plan. If Innesviel had known about her Servant’s identity right now, she might be amused at the complete irony of The First Woman’s Fate.

Although that, was the sentiment of the Einzbern Master. The sentiment of the homunculus Innesviel, a being that should only be a tool yet had begun to cherish the world outside her intended use might be vastly different.

Might be.

“I know little of Silencer class.”
She continued, her voice almost apologetic in tone. “The last time Great Father said I would be most suited for Berserker so I never really cared about Silencer…. You…can hide really good, right? And make silent kills and no one know you were there?”

She turned around at Assassin again with an expression full of curiosity. “And…” she tilted her head, “you are a cowardly class that always run away from any fight. Very weak and die very easy. Right, Silencer?”

Blunt. Very blunt. If it was another person that had said the last sentences it might have sounded very insulting. But in Innesviel one could hardly say that she meant it as an insult. Even for the pessimistic Assassin, Innesviel’s way of saying it, her expression and that little curve on her lips would make It clear that she was just innocently asking about a fact she had been told about. Like a child who pointed at a picture and said “This is a Rabbit, right?” that was exactly how one would perceive Innesviel’s words.

But still, for them to be spoken by a red-eyed child, with magical power so high it was almost palpable would be quite unnerving indeed.


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Post by Hawwah on Aug 23, 2014 2:11:45 GMT

Truth be told, Hawwah found the straightforwardness of her Master's manner of speech refreshing (though she could do without the oddities such as her apparent new title). Since her encounter with the serpent, she had no patience for honeyed words that spoke around what was truly meant.

But despite this fact the girl's words struck hard at her. Coward? Yes of course. Hawwah was well aware of exactly how cowardly she was, and of how much that cowardice had cost her. A husband and a home both lost because she had been frightened and stupid. She offered no words in her defense, as there were none to be made.

Nevertheless, whatever she felt she allowed nothing to show in her outward appearance. It was a skill she had perfected long ago.

"As you say, the Assassin class is not one usually suited for battle. The most sound strategy we can employ is to use stealth and surprise to eliminate the enemy Masters directly. That being said, I do have some personal experience with combat, and while I do not expect to be able to defeat another Servant easily I can defend myself should the need arise."

She spoke without much expression. She was not boasting of her abilities, nor defending them from insult, but simply laying out the skills at her disposal that her Master could make use of. Once again she found herself somewhat comforted by the fact that despite her demeanor, Innesviel seemed to be focused on the War and had a full grasp on its implications. The idea of "thirteen enemies" did not repulse her; she understood full well that the other Servants and Masters of the Red team to which they belonged likely had wishes of their own for the Holy Grail, and so were obstacles in the way of her own wish. Though she could not yet see it, in this way like so many others she was quite similar to her Master: she would allow nothing to get in the way of her goal of attaining the Grail and realizing her wish.

Overlooking the city again, she continued. "My abilities are best utilized in a less... modernized environment. We should explore the outskirts and any heavily wooded areas, if only to establish a location to which we can retreat should we need it."

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Post by Innesviel von Einzbern on Aug 23, 2014 18:31:57 GMT

It was a curious combination the Master and Servant made. One with gleaming eyes that freely showed her heart, while the other with subdued face that gave nothing to be read. But as different as their expression showed, there was something in common in their tone while they talked.

Both were dead set on obtaining their goals.

Hearing her Servant’s statement about her fighting ability, Innesviel’s brows were raised in an obvious disbelief. Far from being condescending, she was just stubbornly holding to her previous knowledge, refusing to accept new ideas without proof.

“Eeh? But it was said that Silencer do not do combat... They cannot defend themselves too long to be useful…

She straightened her back.

“Your parameter is nice, Silencer, but… I won’t let you battle a Servant as long as I can. I don’t want to lose you.”

For a moment there, Innesviel almost seemed like a caring Master. The simple, pointed words, said with a serious face that left nothing to doubts gave a feeling of sincerity on her statement.

And indeed she was sincere. Innesviel might not care much of The Servant Assassin, but she knew that she needed her Servant if The Einzberns were to have a chance in winning this war. She would protect Assassin as much as she would protect herself.

But of course, if during the ordeal a better instrument came in her way, she would not hesitate for a sacrifice. There's no way the Servant would suspect this now though, since Innesviel herself had yet to think about it.

“Tell me. How we use your abilities?”

Innesviel nodded at her Servant’s answer, once more turning to face the city’s landscape sprawling in front of them. If she was disturbed, her position did not allow Assassin to see her face. Her words, then, were sudden as if coming from an instantaneous thought.

“Presence Concealment… only Orange… Oh, with three circles... But no use....

"I want you search the best location this night, Silencer. Tell me when you are done. I’ll ask for a workshop made there, okay?”

Strangely in thought, Innes put her hands on the safety rails and let her body leaned forward, almost dangling towards the height. The sun were on its last rays now, an orange sheet shining shyly on the horizon. Soon, Taixuan would be thrust in the embrace of the night, where its warm blanket would give a false security on the unsuspecting people. The voices of activity were carried unto the rooftop, to Innes and Hawwah, and none in the relaxed noises were any sort of anxiety or recognition. The people of Taixuan, truly, were completey blind by now.

Innesviel’s eyes softened. A blissful blindness.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew straight on the roof floor, sprawling her silver hairs in all direction. She let go of the rails, and bended down a bit, one hand tightening her mantle while the other holding her hat as to not let it flew away.

And still staring at the darkening sky, Innes suddenly addressed Archer.

“Silencer, you hide better in the woods… And you are more like an animal than a human… Uncomfortable with other people too…”

So, even when she did not talk to her Servant all day, Innesviel still observed her Servant closely and took note of her peculiarities during their meetings and walkaround the city. The child, without an announcement, had evaluated her Servant with surprising insight as an art dealer would a painting.

“In your life before, did you live alone in the wild?”

Strangely, her tone was warm. Innesviel waited with her back straightened, obviously wasn't expecting a simple yes or no.


Note: Every Master sees Servant's stats differently. In Innes's case, she saw them as spectrum of colors.
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Post by Hawwah on Aug 29, 2014 18:53:35 GMT

Finally an order, a direction in which to aim her efforts. Hawwah nodded wordlessly, bringing herself into a more upright standing position. She turned, ready to make her first steps of progress towards victory. But suddenly she stopped. For just a few seconds, her mind mulled over the words of her Master.

'I don't want to lose you.'

Hawwah shook her head slightly, berating herself for letting her Master's apparent age affect her so much. Whatever sentiment that could possibly be behind it, it had no place here. Of course she did not want to lose her, without a Servant her Master would never obtain the Holy Grail. It was simply a practical desire.

This is what she believed. This is what she had to believe.

A strong wind picked up and Hawwah turned to see her small Master brace herself against it. In contrast, Hawwah stood as firm and undaunted as a stone, only the looser furs around her whipping in the breeze. As the wind began to settle once again and her Master spoke to her, Hawwah wished she had not delayed her departure. The small child with simple yet poignant insight made her observations and then presented her deduction.

"...indeed." Hawwah knew what she had wanted: she wished to know details of her past, to understand the reasons for her Servant's behaviour. Doubtless she had wanted a more detailed answer, but that was not something that would be readily supplied. Hawwah mused once again on how right her Master's initial assumptions of her class had been. She would not shy away from a fight, but she indeed was a coward. And like any coward, she would avoid that which she felt truly threatened by.

"Is there anything else you need of me, Master?"

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Post by Innesviel von Einzbern on Sept 3, 2014 13:35:03 GMT

“Mmhmm..” Innesviel hummed, nodding to the sky, “…I thought so.”

Secretly, she meant it in two ways: about her statement earlier, and about how she had expected her Servant to answer. If she wanted secrets, Innesviel had much more in her own. But she did not care as long as they could be working productively towards their common goal.

“I will have many need of you later, Silencer. You can be sure of that. But first…”

She turned around, her whole body facing Silencer now with the dark citylights as her silhouette. Her swaying hair gracefully swept her face and revealed a genuinely happy face, not the fake one she had used to address several people this day. There was a wide smile painted there, the face of a child expecting something.

And her voice rang clear. Was it strange that this youthfulness held so many mysteries inside?

“But first, I want you to jump and carry me down, Silencer! You can survive a fall this height, right? I’ve really wanted to try it ever since I saw that Servant in Terifas!”

In the midst of her words she frowned a little and puffed her cheek.

“Besides, elevators are boooring~ “

And she opened her arms wide, as if expecting a hug, still with that genuine smile in her face. All that Assassin needed to do was to grab her and she would hang on her tight like a child would his mother.

Below her was, thankfully, the back courtyard of the hotel. There would be no witness among the dimming park light.

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Post by Hawwah on Sept 3, 2014 18:10:53 GMT

"...very well, Master."

It was just one thing after another with this Master of hers. Hawwah wished she could simply be contented that she had not further inquired as to her history, but now she was making this ridiculous request.

And yet she had agreed. Perhaps this was another after effect of her history as well, that she did not want to disappoint this one who now had authority over her through disobedience. Whatever the case, Hawwah approached the little girl with only slightly more trepidation than her words seemed suggest. Once she was close enough, she looked down at her, her gaze seemingly taking in the whole of the girl while somehow avoiding direct eye contact.

Slowly she reached own to take Innesviel in her arms. Regardless of the girl's own enthusiasm, Hawwah moved as though she were some sort of delicate porcelain doll, something that would break if handled improperly. And indeed, even if one thought of the difference between a Servant and a human, or even that of an adult and a child, the description seemed apt. But even then there seemed a fragility to the girl that was unexpected. For the mother who had not held a child in centuries, the feeling felt both foreign and familiar all at once.

Hawwah pushed it from her mind. In all likelihood, this would be the primary way of transporting her Master about with any reasonable speed. She could not allow herself to get sentimental about it now. She carried her Master towards the edge of the building, looking down at the courtyard below. The area seemed deserted, and given that she had the eyes of a Servant she was fairly confident in her assessment. She would have dealt with any witnesses regardless, (what was one more or less life on her conscience?) but it would have been a waste of time and energy. Once she'd made her scan and confirmed there were no observers either inside or outside the building, she jumped.

Note: We'll cover the landing next, don't worry
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Post by Innesviel von Einzbern on Sept 4, 2014 15:00:08 GMT

The little girl's ruby eyes flashed with delight the moment her Servant came closer to her. She waited impatiently and, when they were close enough, wrapped her little fingers around Assassin with her head safely tucked near her bosom.

And as Assassin stood near the edges, with the great height seemingly vacuumed them and the night wind challenged their stance, Innesviel’s form giddied with excitement. The view of the sprawling landscape on their sight seemed more real, more alive when she faced them unobstructed like this. She was one with the black sky now, with the fading lights, with the darkened landscape which could just be a painting but which held real people inside. She closed her eyes and let the thrill of the heights sweeping upon her.

By herself, she could only dream about this. Thus when those eyes were opened again they were turned towards Hawwah, openly saying how the frail homunculus was eternally grateful for this fleeting chance.

And how she trusted her with her life at this very moment. They jumped.

The beating of the wind stung Innes' face as they rapidly descended. But rather than be afraid, among the strands of silver hair waving wildly in the air her eyes were opened wide, sparkling as they savored every moment of this experience. The feeling of weightlessness, the unity with the wind, the sense that the earth below was preparing to swallow them whole as those little things that were simply dots before were becoming larger and larger with every passing seconds....

...it was fun!

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Post by Hawwah on Sept 6, 2014 4:28:24 GMT

The wind sang as the bodies flew downwards. The light reflecting in the windows they past flashed, a silent count of every floor they descended. The world rushed up at them.

This was all nothing.

Hawwah had seen much, both in her long life and in the short experience she'd had thus far as a Servant. She'd seen the garden of Paradise, the barren wastes of the world. She had flown from tree branches in one era, and now from buildings in another. This was no different. So little thought was needed that she could even close her eyes, not even have to worry about the landing.

Truly she was numb to all the things that surrounded her. Instead, the novelty of this experience was what lay within her grasp.

She was Assassin. It was something she knew from the moment of her summoning. Her entire existence was one of destruction. It would have been reasonable to assume that the Master which summoned her would have stood apart from all things and sent her to end the existences of others.

Instead she had entrusted herself to her Servant. The one who was to end life was now tasked with its protection. The hands which were only meant to bring pain and a swift end now held a warm, living creature which they sought to preserve.

Such were the thoughts of the First Woman as she fell.

As expected, the landing was nothing to make note of. Though perhaps it was exceptional in how unexceptional it was. The laws of physics demanded that something moving at this speed create a great impact when it reached the ground. The Assassin took no note of that, and landed with the grace and silence of a cat. The girl in her arms could not have asked for a softer landing.

Once the were firmly on the ground, Hawwah released her Master. She did not wish to maintain physical contact for any longer than necessary.

"Shall I begin reconnaissance now?"

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Post by Innesviel von Einzbern on Sept 10, 2014 13:57:10 GMT

The ever-distant Utopia came to an end at last. A sigh escaped Innesviel as she jumped down from her Servant’s embrace, her little feet made but a slight dint on the perfectly nurtured grasses. Her silver hair swirled as she turned towards her Servant, beaming, with a too-perfect smile adorning her face.

“Thank you, Silencer! Yes, you may-“

A sudden wince appeared on her face and she bended down slightly. Her hands were holding her right hip, the part where Hawwah’s arm had pushed against her the most when she held her.

It was transient, almost imperceptible…

“You may begin now. Find us the most suitable spots to use!” and she ended with a smile,

…But to the eyes of the Servant, the slight gesture would have told much.

There, on Innesviel’s fingers, the part of her that had used the most force to took hold of Hawwah. There bluish bruises had already started to appear on her knuckles, where the impact of the finger joints were held. It was courtesy of the homunculus accelerated healing that the inner hemorrhage had already coagulated before it could spread, but the evidence was still there, a taint on the little girl’s hands.

And her gesture before, and the way she winced slightly now as she turned her back towards Assassin, that would suggest that there were many other bruises on the places of her body that received the most impact, or even where her muscles had strained the most.

The impact, softer than a feather, nevertheless had injured the little girl.

Such was the fragility of Innesviel’s physical body, although her Servant now still had no way to guess the full extent of this. There was a price for everything, for every improvement there must be a degradation, and in Innesviel’s case she paid her long age and excellent magical power by the brittleness of her body. Never mind porcelain doll, she could be likened to a statue made of dry sand, where a slightest breeze could disperse the particles and make it disappear forever.

And that, was the sorry state of Innesviel von Einzbern, the cheerful little girl who was a ruthless schemer even as she swept her graceful curtsy. Who was as upbeat towards her Servant even when in her heart she only saw her as a means towards the end.

And She, who desired a Life even when she had no right of it from the start.

But looking at her now, skipping careful steps as she went into the gates leading outside, there were no signs of asking pity or even a slight inclination to be helped. No. Innesviel was her own, and whatever it was that ailed her she had accepted long ago, and that she had done her best to make up for it, hurtful though they were. Her happy figure, then, with the shadows from the lights seemingly dancing on her lines, seemed to be telling Hawwah ‘I know my limitations are, but that won’t stop me from living my life to the fullest!’

Even if that attitude towards life was foolish, even if it were completely forbidden for the fleeting creation of mankind Innes were, Innesviel did not give a care. She was determined to make feel her short life as much as possible.

Behind those gleaming eyes, has she ever regretted her existence?


She had not arrived at the far side of the courtyard when her head turned again, the twin rubies glowing.

“Ooh~ I forgot! I have to give you a familiar!”

She beckoned towards Silencer to come closer as threads of steel started appearing on her hands out of nowhere. Without a slightest pause, she skilfully weaved the lucent lines into shape. First a crisscrossing meshwork, then an elongated shape, and in the end an oval head and a tail completed the Created familiar.

It was, in the form a snake. A small grey snake in such a perfect form as was described in the Book.

Innesviel reached for Hawwah’s hand.

“This familiar has my consciousness on. Call it, and I will borrow its senses to know what- Is there something wrong, Silencer?” she paused, noticing something on her Servant as the snake began to crawl along Hawwah’s hand. She raised both eyebrows, “You don’t like a snake?”

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