the stones down the well

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"Tonight is the only time."

"Haha! To be completely controlled by one lone man. Ah, was this what his Majesty felt as a mere cub forced to hide his fangs? You cannot hide as a tiger anymore. This Octavian person does not seem to be as open-minded to risks as I am."

"A tiger, Lu Buwei? You cannot compare the emperor of China to a savage beast. I am a dragon. A son of heaven. No mortal man can match my will."

"The heavens are whimsical, your Majesty. Don't let them make a fool out of you."

"Lu Buwei," a third voice in the chamber spoke, "do not treat His Majesty as if he were still king."

"Ah, yes, do forgive my impertinence. The King - Emperor was such in my death. Though it is peculiar to hear those words from a traitor's mouth, don't you think? Lord Changping? Is that why the peasant boy isn't here?"

"General Li Xin has secured our location for us earlier this afternoon. And, Lu Buwei, you are not in the moral position to judge Lord Changping. Unlike him, you were a pest right from the start."

"Haha! Oh, your Majesty, Qin Shi Huang. Two thousand years and the entire land having been made yours. Still, nothing has changed. Like your father, you will owe me an entire kingdom for this investment. Perhaps I may even have the world once all the brutes have finished up? Haha!"

There were footsteps descending from the stairs.


With that, more footsteps followed, rising to meet against the lone pair coming from the top. The mystical torches fixed on the walls forewarned the guest of three approaching shadows but they appeared in flesh faster than he could react. Three men dressed in majestic robes approached with arms crossed and their faces dignified and cool. They seemed to not see the boy and walked past by him as if he were never there - save for one man who, unlike the other two, had bright orange hair that betrayed their eastern features. He spared the boy what could have only been a look of interest.

And then, they were gone, leaving the boy and one spirit standing at the bottom of the stairs with each other's presence. Zheng stared at the boy through the hanging jades of the mianguan, perhaps thinking, perhaps waiting.

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Exploring the confines of his available surroundings was quickly growing into a habit of his. While he could sit back in front of the Grail that tied so deeply with his fate, there were other things he could do, perhaps even wanted to do before then, so he'd left his usual spot once more to explore the upper area.

He didn't expect to cross paths with anyone, and, for a while, he hadn't.

It was only after he returned that he had managed to find others. His eyes widened only slightly with awe, trailing across the others' features and different era clothing as they passed, but careful to keep his stare low enough not to be found rude. In a childish way, he thought it was somewhat neat, to still be able to wear such things of the past. Servants, he imagined, or not quite, but close enough to be.

And then there were two. 

" ... "

He met the Zheng's stare with his own, blinking once, twice. Not a word left him, but he did not quiver beneath his strange stare, keeping his own stance firm, somewhat. It didn't mean he knew just what to say or understood just what he had walked into. Just what would he say anyways—besides tossing a pointless greeting his way?


Well, it couldn't hurt.



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The boy's form fit between the space of two jade columns, scrawny, fragile, as if the drafts of the wind could push him tumbling down the stairs. But the boy stood solidly and the clear surface of a water seemed to stare back at Zheng, where he saw both his reflection and the rocks and pebbles below.

But he wasn't human, was he?

"Did someone tell you to come here?" he asked. Though abrupt and ignoring, his tone was mildly gentle. He had an idea who the boy might be. Octavian had mentioned it to him this morning but Zheng did not concern himself with the details, seeing as he was going to meet him eventually. He expected someone older - as anyone would have - but this was nothing out of the ordinary either.

Burden clung on to where it could hinge its claws at.

(I'm REALLY sorry for the delay I did not mean this to happen. I was internalizing and thinking things through.)
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